11 Best Ai Joke Generators to Generate Funniest Jokes in 2023

The AI Joke generators are the tools which can produce humorous, entertaining, and laughter jokes depending on the instructions given to them. The best AI Joke Generator Tools can generate high quality results within seconds.

In this article I have listed a few leader AI Joke Generator Tools, try each one of them and let me know the one you liked most.

Let’s dive in

ChatGpt Ai Joke Generator

ChatGpt is the first and most sophisticated AI tool launched by OpenAI that is capable of generating the best and humorous jokes depending on the prompt given to it.

The ChatGPT can efficiently produce the best jokes if you provide the highly targeted and result oriented prompts as an input.

Follow the steps mentioned below to generate the jokes using ChatGPT.

  • Open ChatGPT AI tool at (Chat.openai.com)
  • Select Gpt version GPT 3.5/ 4
  • Now type your targeted prompt/ Instruction and hit enter
  • And You are done

Punchlines AI

Punchlines Ai Joke Generator

Punchlines AI is an easy to use and user friendly AI Joke Generator tool. It doesn’t require any lengthy and instructive prompts but only an opening line.

Once you have inserted your opening line and hit enter, It will generate content full of comedy that you can use anywhere.

Follow the steps given below to use Punchlines AI.

  • Open Punchlines.ai tool
  • Write your opening line and hit enter
  • Done.

Easy-Peasy AI

Easy Peasy Ai Joke Generator

The Easy- Peasy AI Joke Generator tool is a bit complicated but it produces high quality results. You just need to type of joke/ context and Easy- Peasy tool will do the rest of the work.

Just follow the steps mentioned below to use the Easy- Peasy tool properly to generate high quality jokes.

  • Open Easy – Peasy AI tool in your browser
  • Sign it up if you are a new user
  • Type your context in the box and hit enter
  • Now you can see the multiple results below the search box.

WhatsHaung Copilot

Whatshuang Ai Joke Generator

WhatsHaung Copilot is a sophisticated AI joke generator tool that generates results on the basis of multiple input factors.

You need to input all the elements asked to get the best quality and innovative jokes, which no one has ever heard of.

Follow the steps given below to get the high quality jokes from WhatsHaung AI Joke Generator Tool.

  • Fetch the Whatshaung Tool
  • Sign up if you are a new user
  • Input asked factors in the respective boxes (See the image below)
  • Now hit enter
  • And Done.

Bard AI

Bard Ai Joke Generator

You may have heard of Bard AI launched by Google, It is also a very sophisticated tool out there. The Bard AI is also capable of generating high quality and unique jokes as per prompts given to it.

Let’s see how Bard AI can work like AI Joke Generator tool.

  • Open Google’s Bard AI tool
  • Enter the prompt containing instructions and requirements of joke in the box
  • Now hit enter
  • And Done

Bing AI

Bing Ai Joke Generator

Microsoft Bing collaborated with OpenAi to create a powerful tool called Bing Ai. This sophisticated tool is capable of producing high quality jokes as per the input instructions. So Bing Ai is one of the best Ai Joke Generator tools available at no cost.

Follow the steps given below to generate jokes from Bing Ai.

  • Go to Microsoft Bing Browser
  • Open Bing Ai tool 
  • Sign in if already signed up
  • Now type your instructions in the Chat Box and hit enter
  • Done

Bored Humans

Bored Humans Ai

Bored Humans is a very user- friendly Ai joke generator tool. You just need to type two to four words to get a joke but honestly, it can’t outperform the tools mentioned above.

The best part of Bored Humans Ai tool is, It is free to use.

Follow the instructions given below to generate the jokes from Bored Humans Ai tool.

  • Open Bored Humans tool
  • Write the type of joke you want in the box
  • Hit submit and done


Nichesss Ai

Nichesss is a library of Ai tools and Ai joke generator is one of them. It is a paid tool that works on a subscription model. The user needs to create a project to use any tool and the results will be saved for future use too.

Nichesss is a bit complicated tool for beginners so I personally don’t like this one but the results are quite impressive.

Follow the steps below to generate jokes using Nichesss tool.

  • Open Nichesss Ai tool in your browser
  • Sign up as a new user and choose a subscription plan
  • Find Ai Joke generator tool from the listed tools
  • Create a project by filling the details
  • Write you joke topic in the box and hit “Get Content”
  • And Done

Cookup Joke Generator

Cookup is a paid Ai Joke Generator tool. It contains four best Ai tools in its list. You need to get a subscription to access any of the tools listed on the Cookup platform.

Chat Gpt Practice Vercel App

Chat Gpt Practice Vercel app is one easy to use Ai joke generator app that works on the basis of multiple input factors. If you want to generate a specific type of unique joke, just input all the details asked by the app accordingly.

Check out the image given below to get a better understanding about using this tool.

Dad Joke Generator

Dad Joke Generator is a simple Ai Joke generator tool that can generate the jokes related to dad and Son. You just need to type any question in the box and hit the “Tell Me” button to get some hilarious and outstanding jokes related to Dad and son.

How to Generate Best jokes?

There are some tips and tricks that you can use to generate hilarious jokes. It also requires the knowledge of category, types, and different versions of jokes to make them more humorous.

Let’s Discuss the different categories and types of jokes that an Ai tool can understand and produce the results from.

The jokes can be generated in multiple categories like Animal jokes, Dad and Son, Teacher and Student, Husband and Wife, Boy and Girl, Fruits and many more.

There are some particular type of jokes like

Anti Jokes

You may have heard some jokes containing real logic behind them. These jokes are technical ones that require some background of education to understand. The anti jokes are mostly popular among the people of the same group.

Teacher Student Jokes

The funny comments between teacher and students are called teacher student jokes. This type of joke is famous among children.

Dad Jokes

The funny discussion between dad and son is called dad jokes. Such types of jokes are famous among youngsters.


Roast lies in the extreme joke category in which the behavior,  body structure, habits, and names are targeted to make fun of a particular subject.

Other Jokes

Some other type of jokes are Swear Word jokes, Stand Up Comedy, Pun, Oneliner, Nonsense, New Age Bullshit, Flat Earth Theory, Funny Advice, Funny Fake Fact, Funny Observation, Funny Roman name, and It Name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI write Jokes?

Yes, Ai can write jokes in a very humorous way. The results depend on the prompts given to the Ai. Artificial Intelligence is learning to behave like a human and writing humorous jokes is a part of it.

Can Chatgpt tell Jokes?

Chatgpt also works on Ai model that is deep- learning and behaving just like humans. So yes Chatgpt can tell jokes and the humor will depend on the prompt given to it.

Why is Chatgpt not making Jokes?

There might be some reasons due to which Chatgpt not making jokes

  • Prompt violating the Chatgpt policies
  • Prompt not qualifies to generate required results
  • Some technical glitches in Chatgpt


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